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Make a Shopping List

Time for Lists, lists, lists, this will either make you jump and down with excitement or send you into the foetal position! This suggestion will end up helping you organise the items you need and where you can source them from.

If you already have your own system that is working out just fine, don’t change what ain’t broke. If you feel like you need to find a different way of doing things, visit our Superfreegan Hideout and click the link for our shopping list.

This is a Google document which is read only. To use it you need to make a copy, by going to ‘File’ tab and click on ‘Make a copy’.  You then rename it and save it as your own document. We are having some technical issues with it translating to excel, so at this stage it is only usable with Google Documents. Now it is time to start filling it in.

Start in the kitchen and write down all the items that you buy, both fresh and bulk items, regular or sometimes purchases. You can easily add items later when they are needed in the weeks to come, but try and get down as many as you can so you can start figuring out where you are going to get them from. Continue into the laundry, bathroom, etc.

Once you have done enough, write next to the items those you know where you can buy them from, other than the supermarket of course! As you begin to explore the different shopping options in the area, fill in where you can get everything. When you have filled in ‘where to buy’, it will magically start filling in the second tab – ‘Shopping List’. This gives you a full list of all your items underneath the shops you find them in.

Don’t panic if you don’t immediately know where to get something. Jump onto our facebook page and ask others for suggestions.

Goodies and Grains2Remember start local. Can you grow it? Can you get it from a farmer direct? Markets? Local shops? Small businesses? If you still can’t find it look for it in shops further afield that you may visit on occasions. Still having trouble, look on the net and find an Australian business that can ship it to you. Maybe you can find a group of friends that need the same item and start buying in bulk, you may even get a discount (this is often how a small co-op forms).

There are many shopping list apps for your phone available, have a look to see which one might suit you.

Meal Planning

MealThe second step in getting organised is planning your meals.This will allow you to shop more thoroughly and be prepared. Not having to make a decision about what to cook for dinner at 5pm reduces the risk of desperately needing that pasta sauce when every shop, other than the supermarket is closed.

Find a time which suits you before you do your weekly shop and sit down with a cuppa. Check the calendar and what your upcoming schedule looks like, it doesn’t make sense to plan a roast on the night when the kids have late afternoon activities.

Meal plan

Once you have a list of meals for the week you can write your

shopping list (we’ll make a shopping list next).

Get organised

Shopping list

Success in going ‘Supermarket Free’ often hinges on getting a little bit organised. We are used to being able to get whatever we need whenever we want. Here is the first step in getting organised:

Write down meals your family enjoys

Grab a cuppa, a quiet moment if that is possible and write down all the meals you and your family enjoy. You can list all the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Include family favourites, as well as meals that you have been meaning to try. Get the whole family involved and ask everyone to add their favourite meals. You could break it up into different categories, soups, casseroles etc.

This makes life easier when it comes to planning your meals for the week. Just simply look at the list of meals and choose from these rather than having to wrack your brain, while waiting for your morning coffee to kick in.