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Congratulations for completing Supermarket Free Month!

Wow… what a month! It seemed to race past and was done in a blink of an eye. It has been a pretty amazing journey and began a mere 7 weeks before the start of April, when Supermarket Free Month was born. Let’s recap and see what has happened: 523 SuperFreegans made the pledge from […]

Make a Shopping List

Time for Lists, lists, lists, this will either make you jump and down with excitement or send you into the foetal position! This suggestion will end up helping you organise the items you need and where you can source them from. If you already have your own system that is working out just fine, don’t […]

Meal Planning

The second step in getting organised is planning your meals.This will allow you to shop more thoroughly and be prepared. Not having to make a decision about what to cook for dinner at 5pm reduces the risk of desperately needing that pasta sauce when every shop, other than the supermarket is closed. Find a time […]

Get organised

Success in going ‘Supermarket Free’ often hinges on getting a little bit organised. We are used to being able to get whatever we need whenever we want. Here is the first step in getting organised: Write down meals your family enjoys Grab a cuppa, a quiet moment if that is possible and write down all […]

Let’s get started…

Ok, it’s almost April and you may be feeling pretty confident, maybe a little apprehensive or you have even pegged yourself to fail already. Making any kind of change in your life is never easy, you have your habits, behaviours and lifestyle pretty firmly set and making a shift in these areas will be met […]