Congratulations for completing Supermarket Free Month!

By | May 5, 2014

super_freeganWow… what a month! It seemed to race past and was done in a blink of an eye.

It has been a pretty amazing journey and began a mere 7 weeks before the start of April, when Supermarket Free Month was born. Let’s recap and see what has happened:

  • 523 SuperFreegans made the pledge from all over the country
  • 237 of those were Hardcore Superfreegans
  • at least 15 bloggers wrote about the challenge
  • 7 media spots (newspaper articles or radio spots)
  • So much action on facebook I can’t even count!

I thought for fun I would see if I could estimate how much money was potentially redirected to smaller, local businesses, this really blew me away.

Say the average spend for a SuperFreegan was $200 a week for their groceries, $800 per person was spent in local businesses for the month of April. That meant about $418,400 in total was spent in local businesses around Australia.

Let’s say that Hardcore SuperFreegans spent an extra $200 for the month on local department stores, petrol stations, hardware shops etc during the month of April. This means $47,400 was spent, supporting those smaller local businesses.

They are some pretty amazing figures. You guys have given that straight to a Farmer to help them stay on the land and straight to a family run business to help pay their mortgage. You should all feel amazingly proud of yourself and it just goes to show that when like minded people take a stand in something they believe in, they can do amazing things.

Just to leave you with some words from some SuperFreegans:

“ Enjoyed the challenge and will continue indefinitely. A much nicer way to shop! I will pop into foodland once every blue moon but the longer I’m doing this the more I’m finding things locally and learning about what amazing products & produce is actually available.” – Liz Hughes via Supermarket Free Facebook Group

“I won’t go back! It was just the catalyst I needed to make the permanent change!” – Deanna Byrne via Supermarket Free Facebook Group

Thank you to everyone for participating this month and I hope it has given you new insights, new habits and a connection with your food. Our support network on facebook still continues through our group, information through our facebook page and our blog will continue to be updated. I encourage everyone to keep doing their best to continue going Supermarket Free and join us next April, when we’ll be even bigger and better.

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