Let’s get started…

By | February 12, 2014

Journey-of-Life-231x300Ok, it’s almost April and you may be feeling pretty confident, maybe a little apprehensive or you have even pegged yourself to fail already.

Making any kind of change in your life is never easy, you have your habits, behaviours and lifestyle pretty firmly set and making a shift in these areas will be met with a little bit of resistance either from yourself or from others around us.

It is important to have some support around you, talk to your family about what you’re doing and get them in on the challenge. Find friends who would be keen on taking on the challenge and talk to each other and share tips. Use our Facebook pages, especially the group, ask questions, ask for advice, share with others what you have learned and found.

I will be posting some hints and tips to get you prepared for the challenge, take on the homework and use the next few days or so to get prepared.

Remember this is a challenge, don’t beat yourself up in you fall off the horse, just get back in the saddle.

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