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By | April 7, 2014

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I make no secret of it, I love my Farmers’ Market! I can get fresh produce straight from the producer: fruit, veggies, fish, meat and I can also get gourmet goodies such as bread, desserts, spices, dips and even blocks of carob. Yes you can spend a lot on all the yummies but if you get yourself organise and know exactly what you want, it can be cheaper. The thing that blew me away when I first started shopping at Farmers’ Markets was how long everything lasted in the fridge. Much of what you buy was picked the day before and came straight to the market, not sitting cold storage for days and transported half way across the country. So even if you did pay a little more, there is less wastage from spoiled food when you didn’t quite get around to using up that broccoli, so you’re still ahead. To find out your nearest Farmers’ Market visit the Farmers’ Market Association.

Depending on where you live you might stumble upon Farmgate Produce, living in a semi rural area, on the school run route there is at least three I can think of. Keep an eye out on your weekend drives, or even look around your neighbourhood, you may stumble upon a little gem. There is a website where you can list your excess produce or search out those around you visit Ripe Near Me.

20140319_140934While you won’t produce much for the month of April, now is a great time for sewing some seeds for winter veggies. Creating your own little market garden has so many benefits, whether you have a balcony or an acreage. Being able to pick your produce for your dinner is so rewarding, you know where it has come, food miles are zero, you know you didn’t use any chemicals on it and kids who had a hand in growing are far more likely to try and enjoy the veggies they are eating. The Veggie Lady is offering Superfreegans a great deal on her online courses to get your green thumb, visit theveggielady.com and our Superfreegan hideout on our website.

Go to your suburb or town’s main street shops, check out what is around, these shops are slowly disappearing as people frequent the supermarkets more and more. Often until we look, we barely know they’re there. Also find those shops that might be nearby your usual weeks activities. The best way to stay true to this challenge is keep it easy. Driving half an hour out of your way to go to the city markets might sound like fun but when life gets busy, it might get all too hard. Keep it local, keep it easy.

Even within the large shopping centres, most shoppers only visit one shop, the supermarket. Have a look around and there will usually be a fruit and veg shop, butcher, seafood shop and even a wholefood shop. Explore what there is to offer, you might get a lovely surprise. 

Buying in bulk is a great way of saving money, and saving on packaging too. You can find a huge range of flours, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and everything you need for a pantry stock up! There are some wholefood co-ops around that are based on volunteers and membership to buy in bulk at wholesale rates and pass the savings on their membership. Many of the wholefood shops stock tinned and jarred items as well as fresh goods. Are there any co-ops in your area?

Who gives a crapWhile doing the bulk of your shopping from local sources is best. Some things are tricky to find, or shopping around might be difficult in your situation (lack of transport, rural area, disability) then online stores can be a great solution, especially when delivered straight to your doorstep. The biggest question is “Where do I buy my toilet paper?”, one of our supporters Who Gives a Crap gives us a solution. Visit our superfreegan hideout for more online stores.

Open your eyes in your everyday travels and you may find  somewhere that has exactly what you wanted but never knew existed.


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