What is Australian Made?

By | May 6, 2014

Australian made

To be an ethical shopper isn’t an easy road. You try and do the right thing but you are often faced with more questions than answers. Do you buy overseas organic or local conventional canned tomatoes? Do you buy a healthy grain like Quinoa even though it comes from South America, where the global demand has caused the price to sky rocket putting it out of reach from the local poorer populations who have traditionally eaten it for centuries? It can really do your head it

Doing the right thing is tough. Simply looking at the issue of buying Australian made, it isn’t always as easy as it might seem. When the consumer advisor Choice Magazine interviewed it’s readership, only 12% knew the true meaning behind the term ‘Australian Made’. Surely it can’t be that hard? Can it?

What does ‘Australian Made’ mean? I think most would assume that a product has been grown, and or produced in Australia. However, this is what it really means: the rules state the product may be “substantially transformed” with “greater than 50 per cent of production costs incurred in Australia”. This can mean juice concentrate from overseas is mixed with water in Australia, therefore substantially transforming it and allowed to have the ‘Australian Made’ label.

‘Product of Australia’ is slightly different, the rules state that ‘all the significant ingredients must originate in Australia, and almost all the manufacturing or processing must be done in Australia.

‘Australian Owned’ does not come under any current labelling laws, but any company claiming this needs to prove they are at least 51% of it’s ownership is held in Australia, but it does not relate to it’s products country of origin.

Do some exploring about your favourite products and see if what you believe you buying you are really getting!



For more information visit Choice

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