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Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker

Get friendly with your local shops, get your fruit and veggies from your green grocer, meat from your butcher, bread from your baker and toiletries from your chemist, bulk items from your wholefood shop. Spread the love around and help keep locals in business.

Farmers Markets

Get on the band wagon, Farmers Markets are the new black and they’re popping up everywhere. There’s no better way to know where your food comes from than to talk to the people to grow it. Find great value basics and spoil yourself with everything gourmet. Turn it into a social event by meeting up with neighbours and friends for a coffee.

Grow your own

Pull your green finger out! From balcony planter pots, to backyard veggies beds to community garden plots, growing your own is a great way to get in touch with what your eating and what is in season.

Box Schemes

What’s in the box? These are fruit and veggie boxes that are often organic, seasonal selection of produce. Usually the contents can be a surprise according to what is available. This changes the way you plan your weekly food as you plan around your ingredients rather than shop for specific meals.

Internet Shopping

Let your fingers do the walking. Find those other items that might be tricky to source, such as toilet paper, nappies etc.There are many internet grocery delivery options out there that deliver your weekly shop to your door, easy as!

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There are many more alternatives and we’ll send you some hints and tips along the way

Shopping at your local Farmers Market will definitely see you pocketing some mighty fresh and delicious produce. It is highly likely that the cost per kilo is similar or in many cases lower than the ‘Big Super’ prices. You’ll be getting freshly picked produce- usually picked the day before the market, superb quality and you’ll make some new friends on your journey. Supermarkets often have products as loss leaders, which are products selling for a very low margin, which encourages shoppers into the store, with the hope they will buy many more products at higher margins. You may save some money on great local bulk boxes of produce, joining a food co-op, planting your garden, using seasonal produce, more food from scratch… the savings are endless. All it takes is a little re-thinking and a bit of organising. We will help you out by providing you tips along the way.

Your local wholefoods shop will stock many of these items. There are also a lot of online shops you can purchase these products from, as well as chemists and other stores. We will send you hints and tips about how to go supermarket free and how to make it a pain free transition.

Can I shop there during my Supermarket Free challenge? Well this challenge is all about changing habits. Simply moving from the Big Supers to a more local supermarket is great for sharing our dollar to a locally owned option, but really it isn’t changing the way you shop. For this month try your hardest not to shop at a supermarket at all.

Changing habits is a tough job! Hang in there! If you fall off the wagon, get back on straight away, you can control your future, you can't do much about the past. Reflect a little about it, but don't beat yourself up, just keep movin' on! We'd encourage you to post your 'incident' and your reflection on the Facebook group and you will find lots of support!

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About Supermarket Free Month!

We are a small passionate team of ordinary people from South Australia. We are so lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world where farmers markets are everywhere and the local produce is amazing. We really care where our food comes from and the health of our families. We want to make sure we are supporting farmers and producers that feed us and by embarking on the Super Freegan life, we are putting our money where our mouth is, we hope you join us. Views presented on this website are expressed as honest opinion. If this site presents any substaintially incorrect information, we ask that you to please notify us immediately so that we may correct the information.

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